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How Seniors and Retired Folks Make Money Blogging

By: Skip McGrath

There is popular misconception that most bloggers are young folks, But seniors, retired folks and many who are about to retire are turning to blogging for fun - and are actually making money blogging.

First of all blogging is easy and risk free. There are several popular sites where you can start a blog for free. Blogging is nothing more that picking a topic and writing about it.

But, how do you make money blogging?

That is the easy part. Before I get to that you need to know that it comes down to traffic. The more people who read your blog the more money you can make. So your first step is to create your blog and then post to it regularly to generate content. Once you have a lot of content and when the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL see that you have not only have content but that you are updating it regularly, then they will start featuring your blog posts in their search results.  When this happens you will start to see traffic.  Be patient. It can take a while. When I started my blog, after the first month I only had 300 visitors, but by the end of the third month I was getting that many a day. Now I still get over 500 visitors a day.

Geezer Tip

There are several scams targeting seniors related to blogging. What happens is a salesman calls you up and offers to set up a blog and give you free content.  They start small but eventually this scam can cost you thousands of dollars. There is plenty of free content on the web and free training as well as low-cost eBooks and videos that cost less than $100, so don't fall for any expensive schemes or paid services.

OK - back to how do you make money blogging?

The technique is called monetizing your blog. You can do this in several ways, but the two most popular are:

  • Placing affiliate links on your blog
  • Placing Google AdSense Ads on your blog

Let's take a look at both methods:

Affiliate links

There are literally thousands of companies and advertisers who will pay you for a sale when you place a text link or a banner on your blog that results in a sale. In other words, you place the banner in your blog. When someone clicks on the banner they are taken to the advertiser's website or sales page. If that person ends up purchasing something, they the advertiser pays you a commission. If you look at the side and bottom of this page you will see some affiliate banners that I host. If you were to click on one of these banners and ended up buying something then I would earn a commission.

There are some very famous affiliate programs including Wal-Mart,, Omaha Steaks, eBay, Citibank Visa Card and many more. Most of these companies work with affiliate management companies. These companies provide you with the banners and text links, provide free training materials and track and pay your commissions. 

Here are some affiliate companies you can sign up with to find affiliate programs for your blog.

One of the most popular affiliate management companies is Commission Junction. Commission Junction offers over two thousand affiliate programs

Kolimbo is a traditional affiliate manager with hundreds of niche product

LinkShare is another program that offers step-by-step guidance through all the aspects of setting up and running a successful affiliate program. If you're new to the concept of affiliate programs, LinkShare is a good choice.

ClickBank is another provider that bundles their affiliate-management product with a payment-processing solution. ClickBank already boasts thousands of affiliates who specialize in information and training programs.

Google AdSense

If you have even visited a web page and seen Ads By Google or a Google search box on the page the website (or blog) is making money when people click on the ads. Google AdSense is free to sign up for. All you do is open an account. Once you set up your account (go to follow the directions to set up the type and color scheme of your ads. You can select vertical ads that go in the left or right columns of your website or you can select horizontal ads that go across the page.

Once you select your ads, you will be taken to a box where you copy some HTML code. Now just paste that code into your blog in the appropriate place (left, right, top or bottom, etc.). Once this is done, when someone visits your page, Google will look for the content on that page and serve up ads that are related to the content. For example, if you had a blog about food, you would see ads from kitchen and gourmet food companies on your page. If your blog was about travel then you would see ads related to travel and so on.  Whenever someone clicks on one of these ads, Google AdSense will pay you a commission.  You can set your account up to have the commissions paid directly into your bank account or Google will mail you a check. If you select to be paid by check, be very careful about throwing away mail because the envelop Google used looks just like a piece of junk mail. A number of people have reported accidently throwing their checks away and it almost happened to us once.

Other Income from Blogging

For most bloggers the two methods we described above will earn you a good amount of money. It will all come down to how much traffic you can generate. The more traffic the more you will make. If you have a real hit and get tons of traffic then there are other ways to make money including being paid by advertisers to place banners on your site. Some bloggers have become so popular that they went private and charged a membership fee for access. Just think if you had 10,000 people paying $1.00 a month to access your blog you would be earning $10,000 a month. Other popular bloggers have written best-selling eBooks and started paid newsletters and are earning much more than that.

Realistically, not many bloggers reach those heights, but some do.  However, using the two methods we outlined above there are tons of small bloggers who are earning between $1000 and $5000 a month.

If you are really struggling with how to create a blog, there is a great guide called Blogging To The Bank by Rob Benwell. Rob is a Brit who writes from the UK, but his methods and systems work fine here in the US and Canada. He charges a reasonable price for the information and instructions and will give a full refund if you are not happy. His sales letter does make a few wild claims - I am not claiming you can make as much money as he does - but I do believe that almost anyone who is willing to put in at least five to ten hours a week can make over $1000 a month or more using his methods which are completely legitimate.


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